Barrecore Continues Expansion With 14th Fitness Studio In UK

LONDON, United Kingdom  — Boutique fitness brand Barrecore has launched its 14th studio in the UK, as it continues to expand following its recent acquisition.

The studio, its tenth site in London, this time located in St Mary Axe, will comprise of two studio rooms offering its renowned Barrecore Method — a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body ‘intelligent exercise’ approach that integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with static stretches to lengthen and lean out muscles. 

The launch of the 2700 sq ft studio supports Barrecore’s contribution to United Fitness Brands (UFB), a fitness supergroup that launched in January this year quickly acquiring boutique brands Boom Cycle and KOBOX before snapping up Barrecore in April.

UFB, which is backed by Pembroke VCT, Nectar Capital Dominvs Group and chaired by David Lloyd, Founder of David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, hopes that by bringing three of London’s most premium fitness offerings together, it can accelerate collective growth and scale both nationally and internationally while instigating an industry-defining movement. 

Under the umbrella of UFB, the idea is that costs can be spread and support and expertise shared between the different fitness brands, leaving operators to concentrate on running classes and creating amazing experiences.

“This launch marks the third of many from the UFB brand and we can’t wait to open the doors to the 10th Barrecore studio in London,” commented UFB Co-founder Hilary Rowland on the latest move.

“We’re super excited to launch this new studio and also bring the Barrecore brand back to the City and back to our loyal community in this area,” she added. 

Barrecore Continues Expansion With 14th Fitness Studio In UK

Image: Barrecore

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For Barrecore, its latest expansion comes hot on the heels of another new studio in Chelsea, London, located within the same premises as boxing studio KOBOX, as well as its first outpost in Leeds.

The brand, which first launched back in 2011, now has an impressive footprint across London, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds.

United Fitness Brands’ portfolio, meanwhile, currently sits at over 20 sites — taking the business to a national level — and it’s not stopping there.

Eventually, the company plans to have super sites under the UFB umbrella that will house more than one and possibly all of its brands. It is also looking to grow the franchise part of its business, not just across the UK but also Europe.

“Despite the past few months of the pandemic, we are pressing forward. There are good deals to be done,” UFB Co-founder Robert Rowland told Welltodo recently.

“We always knew the short term was going to be bumpy but we fully believe in the long-term success of bricks and mortar studios,” he added.

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